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bank depository

A safe on the exterior of a building which receives deposits after business hours.
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The central data depositories also make the aggregate MSA reports available to the public.
Seasonal borrowers also include some depositories in resort areas that experience large changes in their loans and deposits over the course of a year.
What is needed is a deposit insurance system whose status is unquestioned so that the depositories can appropriately focus their attention on the extension and management of credit in our economy.
However, some depositories may purchase such mortgages to help them meet their obligations under the Community Reinvestment Act.
Since that time, depositories have become much more adept at managing their reserve positions, and their need for precautionary balances on a typical day has declined considerably.
issues, as do DTCC's links with other securities depositories globally.
On one hand, CRA requirements may lead some depositories to hold mortgages underwritten with greater flexibility than those insured by private mortgage insurers or sold into the secondary market--the type of mortgages often sought by lower-income and minority homebuyers.
de Ussel, managing director and division manager of The Bank of New York's Latin America Division, said, "We have become one of the premier providers of global custody services to central securities depositories (CSD) across Latin America, with more than $3 billion in assets under custody for CSDs.
Because required reserve balances must be maintained only on an average basis over a two-week period, depositories have some scope to adjust the daily balances they hold for this purpose, and this process helps stabilize the federal funds rate.
based Brink's and Addison-based Dillon Gage, which already runs private precious metal depositories in Delaware and Toronto.
Both depositories said that, under the agreement, they could explore business subjects ranging from the clearance, settlement and custody of securities, to the processing of derivatives and corporate actions.
This acquisition more than doubles Wilmington Trust's depository business and firmly establishes Wilmington Trust as one of the largest precious metals depositories in the country.