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bank depository

A safe on the exterior of a building which receives deposits after business hours.
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CDC Pakistan is a leading depository in the region and we are pleased at the prospect of working with CDC for the betterment of our depositories and the capital market at?
participation in projects, working groups and other events of interest for both depositories.
Depositories have always attempted to reduce required reserve balances to a minimum, in large part because those balances earn no interest.
The success of the immobilization within depositories of corporate debt, with approximately 75 percent of all outstanding corporate debt (and much higher percentages of recent issues) held in depositories, makes global book-entry the logical choice.
Addison-based Dillon Gage, which runs private precious metal depositories in Delaware and Toronto, noted that CME membership would give the Texas depository a "certain reputational weight" and predicted that the CME would likely waive its geographic restrictions "for a state-run depository.
Excess reserves are reserve balances that depositories hold in Reserve Banks in excess of the balances needed to meet reserve requirements.
OmgeoeIUs relationship with JASDEC is an integral part of the companyeIUs broader strategy to build relationships with central depositories around the world.
based Brink's and Addison-based Dillon Gage, which already runs private precious metal depositories in Delaware and Toronto.
The Reserve Banks are implementing processes to identify which depositories have tested with us, so that we may follow up on any laggards.
Our integrated technology solutions span the transaction chain enabling efficient securities transactions for exchanges, clearing organizations, central securities depositories and other financial institutions around the world.
1405 to allow the payment of interest on demand deposits and on the required reserve balances of depositories at the Federal Reserve.
issues, as do DTCC's links with other securities depositories globally.