depression angle

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depression angle

[di′presh·ən ‚aŋ·gəl]

angle of depression

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i. In aerial photography, the angle between the optical axis of an obliquely mounted air camera and the horizontal. Also called a depression angle.
ii. The angle in a vertical plane between the horizontal and a descending line as viewed from an observer to an object (e.g., angle of depression of radar).
iii. The angle between the horizontal plane passing through the sensor and the line connecting the sensor and the target.
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It can also introduce an automatic time delay in the release of retarded weapons, which may otherwise require an unacceptably large depression angle.
In this system the target is tracked automatically by TV contrast-lock or laser spot-tracking (giving a day/night capability), and slant range is computed continuously from the depression angle of the target and the rate of increase of this angle.

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