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the lack of economic and emotional supports generally accepted as basic essentials of human experience. These include income and housing, and parental care (or an adequate substitute) for children. This recognizes that care, shelter and security are human needs (see also HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY, MASLOW) the possession of which leads to a fuller, more comfortable life experience and allows a more complete development of the individual's potential. See also CYCLE OF DEPRIVATION, POVERTY, RELATIVE DEPRIVATION.



sensory insufficiency or inadequate load on the system of analysors observed in man when isolated or when the functioning of the main sense organs is impaired. Astronauts, speleologists, and others experience the phenomenon of deprivation. The depth of the psychological, autonomic, and somatic changes in deprivation is determined chiefly by its intensity and duration, as well as by individual personality traits. If work capacity and mental health are to be retained under conditions of deprivation, it is very important that the work be organized efficiently and that specific steps be taken to increase the reliability of the auditory, visual, interoceptive, and other information.


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The rats in group B were given standard lab diet and were subjected to sleep deprivation for a period of 16 hours daily followed by a sleep window of 8 hours daily, for 8 weeks.
It means not only direct relationship has been measured and evaluated between sleep deprivation and performance of working mothers but indirect relationship between these two variables (through "stress at workplace" and "workplace deviance") has also been evaluated in present study.
In human life, different forms of sleep deprivation may occur.
Iron deprivation leads to enhanced cell sedimentation rate and altered colony morphology
The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards can only be used if the person will be deprived of their liberty in a care home or hospital.
First, students who have sleep deprivation will have lower academic performance than those who sleep well.
The objective of this study was to assess feeding frequency and deprivation based on growth performance, parasite infestation and cost-benefit in angelfish farming.
And then we further detected the changes of clock gene (Per1, Per2, and Bmal1) expression in the LHb after 6-hour sleep deprivation using qPCR.
Deprivation therefore refers to peoples' unmet need whereas poverty refers to the lack of resources required to meet those needs.
The Afghan leader said the central provinces were facing a situation similar to imprisonment but he insisted that the situation is gradually improving and deprivation is on the verge of collapse.
According to Eurostat, in 2016 the highest material and social deprivation rate, applying to about half of the population, was registered in Romania (50 per cent) and Bulgaria (48 per cent), followed by countries where one in three persons was affected: Greece (36 per cent), Hungary (32 per cent) and Lithuania (29 per cent).
The same violations of traffic rules leading to death of a person or causing grievous bodily harm are punished by imprisonment for 5 up to 7 years with deprivation of driving rights for 3 years.