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the lack of economic and emotional supports generally accepted as basic essentials of human experience. These include income and housing, and parental care (or an adequate substitute) for children. This recognizes that care, shelter and security are human needs (see also HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY, MASLOW) the possession of which leads to a fuller, more comfortable life experience and allows a more complete development of the individual's potential. See also CYCLE OF DEPRIVATION, POVERTY, RELATIVE DEPRIVATION.



sensory insufficiency or inadequate load on the system of analysors observed in man when isolated or when the functioning of the main sense organs is impaired. Astronauts, speleologists, and others experience the phenomenon of deprivation. The depth of the psychological, autonomic, and somatic changes in deprivation is determined chiefly by its intensity and duration, as well as by individual personality traits. If work capacity and mental health are to be retained under conditions of deprivation, it is very important that the work be organized efficiently and that specific steps be taken to increase the reliability of the auditory, visual, interoceptive, and other information.


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and everything in the matter that seems to thee worth knowing, asking, and learning; neither adding nor falsifying to give me pleasure, nor yet curtailing lest you should deprive me of it.
Are you not ashamed to deprive us of your charming wife?
This unfortunate fete at the ambassador's deprives me of a pleasure, and obliges me to interrupt you.
Bad as this might be, it was anyway better than a rupture, which would put her in a hopeless and shameful position, and deprive him of everything he cared for.
Brownlow, unwilling to deprive the elder son of the opportunity of retrieving his former vices and pursuing an honest career, proposed this mode of distribution, to which his young charge joyfully acceded.
These views were expressed by District Bar Association president Malik Ayub Sialvi while addressing a seminar titled "Access of justice to deprive segment" organized by Piles here.
Summary: JEDDAH: The Justice Ministry has warned those who deprive women of their right to inheritance that they could face imprisonment and other punishments.
In a state steeped in Catholicism, I plan to be vocal in my protest of any religion that would deprive a child from being loved and cared for.
There have already been more than enough broken promises and incalculable costs at King-Drew Medical Center, which not only deprive South L.
But, while embracing the desirability of local land use decision-making, the bills recognize an all-too-well established pattern of overzealous regulators using delay, deceit and denial to deprive citizens of the right to a fair hearing in a court of appropriate jurisdiction.
However, this need for more information does not warrant an action that would deprive many women of the right to choose silicone-gel breast implants.