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The solution for the reference electrode for the konelab prime 301 analyzer, kci solution at a concentration of 3 mol / l,;reagent for photometric quantification of glucose concentration in serum and human plasma by peroxidase method for konelab prime301, 600ml, pack;a set of reagents for determination of potassium concentration in serum or plasma by turbidimetric method without deproteinization, 50ml, pack;reagent for photometric quantification of calcium concentration in human serum, plasma or urine at the end point with arsenazo iii substrate for konelab prime 301, 360ml,;a set of reagents for determining the concentration of sodium in the blood serum using a colorimetric method, 20ml, pack
Blood glucose determination without deproteinization, with use of o-toluidine in dilute acetic acid.
After deproteinization, the supernatants were allowed to react with 1.
Isolation and molecular characterization of chitinase deficient Bacillus licheniformis strains capable of deproteinization of shrimp shellwaste to obtain highly viscous chitin.
In general, the process of chitin extraction from shrimp and crab shells comprises three sequential chemical treatment steps, in order to remove associated substances, which are demineralization, deproteinization, and depigmentation/deodorization (Moura et al.
Chemical and physical methods that involve deproteinization to measure intracellular concentrations also release bound forms of adenine nucleotides (Harris et al.
Deproteinization was carried out on each sample by heating in sodium hydroxide (1M) solution in a beaker at 100[degrees]C.
After completing deproteinization process [18], the BHA powder is produced by the method of [19].
Serum concentrations of zinc were measured by the deproteinization method using a Perkin-Elmer 503 atomic absorption spectrophotometer.
Due to the fact that this direction of treatment is based on a common for many viruses mechanism of deproteinization, it should be assumed that the treatment of many viral diseases can also be based on the modulation of trypsin-like serine protease/inhibitor.