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1. (in the US) the chief law-enforcement officer in a county: popularly elected, except in Rhode Island
2. (in England and Wales) the chief executive officer of the Crown in a county, having chiefly ceremonial duties
3. (in Scotland) a judge in any of the sheriff courts
4. (in Australia) an administrative officer of the Supreme Court, who enforces judgments and the execution of writs, empanels juries, etc.
5. (in New Zealand) an officer of the High Court



(Russian, sudebnyi ispolnitel’), the official responsible for the compulsory execution of court decisions, rulings, and decrees in civil cases and also for the execution of court settlements, sentences, rulings, and decrees in criminal cases to the extent that they involve property exactions.

In the USSR, sheriffs also execute the decisions of arbiters, comrades’ courts, commissions on labor disputes, and other such bodies. They are appointed by the ministers of justice of autonomous republics and the heads of judicial departments of executive committees of krai, oblast, and city soviets of people’s deputies. The requirements imposed by sheriffs for the execution of court decisions are binding on all state institutions, enterprises, kolkhozes, other cooperative and public organizations, officials, and citizens throughout the USSR.



an executive officer in a county (or sometimes another administrative-territorial unit) in Great Britain, Ireland, and the USA.

The legal status of sheriffs in Great Britain is defined by the norms of common law, by parliamentary statutes (since the 14th century), and, in particular, by the Sheriffs Act of 1877. A sheriff is appointed by a special commission that acts under royal authority and is headed by the lord lieutenant of the county. Sheriffs are chosen from among the landowners of the counties. Poor people, lords, priests, officers in active service, and practicing barristers and solicitors are among those who are not eligible for the office. Sheriffs are invested with administrative and judicial powers, such as the execution of sentences, the holding of elections, the selection of juries, and the supervision of jails.

In the USA, in all states except Rhode Island, a sheriff is elected by the residents of the county. His jurisdiction extends only to rural areas, and he fulfills mainly administrative and police functions. He maintains law and order, supervises jails, makes arrests, and checks the observance of state laws regulating such activities as traffic and the sale of alcohol.

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More significantly, for purposes of this article, the court opined that deputy sheriffs are not "public employees" within the meaning of F.
That, Deputy Sheriff Nida said, will put more people into the area and hunters are being told of the search.
I know that I speak for many deputy sheriffs and police officers when I say that I did not take the job of a peace officer because it paid well.
The prestigious event will be co-hosted by Masters of Ceremony Richard Belzer of NBC's Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Lynne Russell, a Fulton County, GA Reserve Deputy Sheriff and the anchor of CNN Headline News.
I am extremely grateful and appreciative to NAPO for having selected me for this prestigious award," said Deputy Sheriff Carmona, upon learning that he was to be a recipient of the TOP COPS Award(R).
The defendants claimed that he would not have become a deputy sheriff and would make as much money being a security officer at Getty.
After being sworn in as a deputy sheriff in 1981, Becerra worked at the Sybil Brand Institute for Women, the Altadena and Malibu stations, the Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau and at the Hollywood courthouse.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) is pleased to announce that Deputy Sheriff Clarence Johnson, IV and Deputy Sheriff Jason T.
Livingston held executive positions with two major Las Vegas casinos, gaming related software and hardware companies, and in Florida law enforcement as a detective, deputy sheriff and police officer.
Morrison is a full-time nurse who volunteers as a deputy sheriff, working patrol, and is a tactical combat medic for the Douglas County Sheriff's Office special response team.
But unlike her peers, at a moment's notice, she could be a deputy sheriff in Worcester County.
Bobby And Mandee's Too Safe For Strangers" (1885477759) by Deputy Sheriff Robert Kahn deals with how children can determine who is a stranger and what to do when one of them tries to engage the child in conversation or entice them to accompany the stranger.

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