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An area of skin delimited by the supply of sensory fibers from a single spinal nerve.
Lateral portion of an embryonic somite from which the dermis will develop.
Instrument for cutting skin for grafting.



cutis plate, the embryonic basis of the connective-tissue part of the skin, or dermis. (The dermis is also formed from some of the cells of the ganglionic plate that develops from the neural columns.)

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Subjects were similar at baseline: They had a mean age of 42 years, were predominantly non-Hispanic whites, and had radicular leg pain in a dermatomal distribution (97%).
The sensory examination revealed a deficit to pin prick in the S1 dermatomal distribution on the left and intact vibratory and position sense.
8) Herpes zoster is heralded by a sensation of tingling and burning in a unilateral dermatomal distribution accompanied by fever, chills, headache, stomachache, and/or malaise.
She reported decreased sensation over the tips of her fingers on the affected hand without specific dermatomal distribution.