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An area of skin delimited by the supply of sensory fibers from a single spinal nerve.
Lateral portion of an embryonic somite from which the dermis will develop.
Instrument for cutting skin for grafting.



cutis plate, the embryonic basis of the connective-tissue part of the skin, or dermis. (The dermis is also formed from some of the cells of the ganglionic plate that develops from the neural columns.)

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Current skin recovery technology consists of using a flat-blade device, often called a dermatome, that requires moderate force by the technician, which at times can produce inconsistent skin grafts, and be fatiguing for the operator during a recovery.
A physical examination of the patient revealed hyper-pigmented, macular lesions in the right C7 and C8 dermatomes and redness in the palm of the hand along with edematous and tautness of the skin at the right dorsal hand and fingers (figure 1).
Moreover, in those women with incomplete injuries and upper motor neuron injuries, research indicates the preservation of the ability to perceive pinprick sensation in the T11-L2 dermatomes may be able to be used as a predictor for the ability of psychogenic lubrication.
The second section serves as a useful reference of neuroanatomy with neurological diagrams of the brachial and lumbosacral plexuses as well as the individual peripheral nerves in the limbs, dermatomes and cross-sectional views of the brain stem and skull.
Contract notice: Delivery drains to irrigation pumps; saw blades for micro oscillating; electrodes into the vaporizer, dermatomes blades, perforating plates for siatkownicy, rings and segments dotorebkowych lens capsule tension divided into 7 tasks.
The most commonly affected dermatomes lie in the cranial and thoracic regions of the body.
Our observation of contralateral reductions in pain thresholds in all subjects suggests that the changes underlying extraterritorial pain may be most prominent within spinal segments and the corresponding dermatomes located closest to the site of injury.
The following information was received in response to specific questions about current pain or symptoms in the neck or upper extremity: dull, aching neck pain and in the C7-T1 dermatomes (subject 8); cramps in the left hand (subject 26); dull, achy pain in the left D3-D4 fingers (subject 37); and numbness and tingling in both hands (subject 46).
There were more cases of failed anaesthesia in this study than we had anticipated, considering the sensory dermatomes of the knee-joint.
Somatic pain after a Pfannenstiel incision corresponds to the L1-L2 dermatomes and is transmitted by the iliohypogastric and ilio-inguinal (IHII) nerves.