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This contribution mainly deals with the kinetic mechanism taking place in the first stage of desalting process, i.
An affiliate of the American Membrane Technology Association, the Southeast Desalting Association (SEDA) is dedicated to the improvement of the quality of water supplies through membrane desalting and filtration, water reuse and other water sciences (www.
NATCO advanced electrostatic technologies are designed to handle heavy crudes, providing the most effective electrostatic field available in the industry to improve desalting performance and provide stable operations, even on the most difficult crudes.
Of water supply scheme in harijan basti of village akheri madanpur by constriction of boosting station district jhajjar desalting and repair of 400 mm id rcc pipe channel of a reach of 550 mtrs from road to towards water works at water supply scheme akheri madanpur and all other works contingent thereto
Arnold will have responsibility for coordinating the marketing of Ionics' membrane-based seawater, brackish water, and wastewater desalting equipment and "own and operate" services for municipal use in the United States and Canada.
NATCO will supply the world's fifth-largest crude oil field with advanced dehydration & desalting technology including design and fabrication of six trains treating a total of 900,000 barrels per day (bpd).
Tenders are invited forIn connection with Cleaning And Sweeping Of Road Berms I/C Cleaning/ Desalting Of Sw Drain At 336 Ms (Hig) Houses At Mukharjee Nagar Maintance Operation Complete Scheme Under North Zone .
has begun to take delivery of fresh water into its municipal water system from a new seawater desalting project built, owned, operated and maintained by Ionics.
One award to NATCO features the Dual Polarity([R]) advanced crude desalting technology.
Tenders are invited for Cleaning and sweeping of road berms i/c cleaning/ desalting of SW drain at 336 MS (HIG) Houses at Mukharjee Nagar.
Desalting unit is the only unit of the phase yet to be completed.
Tenders are invited for Desalting and Construction compound wall of TPC Open well at ward no 07 Judai nagar , Improvement and Providing and Installing of electrical polls Under TPC Kudachi