design documents

structural design documents

The plans, design details, and job specifications prepared by the structural designer.
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2) Elaboration of up to 12 design documents (conceptual/main design or their parts) related to
ProjectWise currently provides users such as Parsons Brinckerhoff with a secure collaborative platform for its multi-discipline teams to create, manage, share, capture, review and approve design documents and project information.
The software connects not only design documents created in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, but also model files for "model-based development"(4), which use a modeling language that is rapidly gaining popularity in software development.
Phoenix Data Center's First Phase Receives Coveted Tier III Certification for Design Documents
Subsequent chapters cover game research, game design and character design documents, and the roles of all of the members of the game design and game production teams.
The Design Intent or Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) and Basis of Design documents help the commissioning authority to properly review a set of plans and understand what is being built and why and how the space is going to be utilized.
Other features include more advanced control over engineering and design documents for technical and creative workgroups that rely on specialized software.
A comprehensive support package including reference design documents, application notes and user manuals is available.
Using Contract Packages, the extended contract team -- sales, legal, finance, risk, as well as services, support and products -- can structure a single customer agreement from multiple documents that take the relationship definition beyond typical terms and conditions to include deal components such as statements of work, attachments and schedules, design documents, project plans and so on.
Contract notice: Development of design documents for reconstruction and rehabilitation of state road a2, section kriva palanka deve bair (border with r.
Rapid, low-cost service converts existing application assets to Japanese-language design documents, helping customers restructure their business systems

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