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The probable molecular mechanism hypothesized was that by mutating desmosomal protein impairs desmosomal assembly releasing free plakoglobin from the desmosomes, which could translocate into the nucleus and through competition with [beta]-catenin suppress signaling through the canonical Wnt/ [beta]-catenin-Tcf/Lef pathway.
Examination of highly confluent cells sectioned perpendicular to the growth surface at low magnification showed that the cells overlap one another in a monolayer arrangement and are connected to one another by frequent desmosomal connections (Figure 2A).
The second patent relates to compounds and methods for modulating desmosomal functions.
Pemphigus is characterized histologically by an intra-epidermal blister and immunopathologically by the finding of in vivo bound and circulating immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies directed against desmosomal adhesion proteins (desmoglein 1 and desmoglein 3) on the surface of keratinocytes.
Although the basal cells lose lateral desmosomal contact with their neighbors, the hemidesmosomes are unaffected.
Amagai M: Autoimmunity against desmosomal cadherins in pemphigus.
Immunocytoechemical analysis of Ewing's tumors: patterns of expression of intermediate filaments and desmosomal proteins indicate cell type heterogeneity and pluripotential differentiation.
Mispolarization of desmosomal proteins and altered intercellular adhesion in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.
Whole membrane and/or desmosomal staining were seen only in a few epithelia (transitional and stratified squamous), while in normal polarized epithelia such as gastrointestinal tract epithelium and ductal epithelium, RAAG12 expression was restricted primarily to the cytoplasm and apical membrane surface.
Altered desmosomal plaque proteins within the acantholysis or spongiosis in the acrosyringium has been recognized in Grover disease, further supporting an eccrine contribution.
Electron microscopic examination performed from the paraffin-embedded tissue revealed desmosomal structures and thin, elongated, wavy, branching microvilli characteristic of mesothelial cells (Figure 2, D).