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For several years - until I knew better-1 thought of dessert wine as overkill.
Selections of sparkling wines and dessert wines are featured in their shops and online to help customers expand their toasting tools beyond Champagne and pair bubbly with a variety of dishes.
Somebody who is maybe not interested in a dessert wine might decide to try a Cognac.
However the potential market for dessert wines is regrettably small, although this wine will definitely appeal to the small number of sticky sweet fans.
It is the balance of acidity with sweetness that makes their dessert wines different and Essensia, Orange Muscat's aroma and flavour is reminiscent of a light Grande Marnier - the distinctive flavour is derived from the orange muscat grape found in Franc e, Spain and Italy.
Notes: Pair ripe, fragrant peaches with a sherrylike or fruity, lightly sweet late-harvest dessert wine.
In the south of France they drink, from the similar muscat grape the dessert wines muscat de frontignon, muscat de rivesaltes, muscat de beaumes de venise which are naturally fermented wines with a high degree of residual sugar.
Finally, there are nectarlike sweet Rieslings that are my favorite dessert wines, beating out even the vaunted Sauternes of France.
This year, I think we'll have some dessert wine flights to get people to order more of them by the glass," says Groh.
Said to be a combination of love potion and dessert wine, the new Quady Deviation - while not quite in time for Valentine's Day - is set for a late February release.
CHRISTMAS DINNER Greens with Vinaigrette Peppered Beef Rib Roast with Roasted Vegetables and Brandied Juices Prepared Horseradish Hot Buttered Rolls Chocolate-Chestnut Star Cake Cabernet Sauvignon Black Muscat Dessert Wine