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Logic the rule whereby the consequent of a true conditional statement, given the truth of its antecedent, may be asserted on its own



(1) A temporary or permanent grouping of units or subunits formed to carry out a combat or special mission.

There are reconnaissance detachments to carry out reconnaissance missions, forward detachments to capture important lines or objects in an offensive or for defensive actions in a support zone, and advance, flank, and security detachments for the protection of the troops on the march or at the halt. There are also mobile obstacle detachments, which are assigned to mine a locality and carry out demolition work during combat, to cover troop deployment lines by placing obstacles, and to protect the flanks of various units and their limiting points and gaps. Movement support detachments are assigned to reconnoiter the route of march, prepare roads or trails for troops, clear a way through obstacles, and carry out road and bridge work. There are also special civil defense detachments and partisan detachments. The composition of each detachment depends on its designation and the mission to be carried out. As a rule, detachments are composed of various personnel and weapons.

(2) In the air forces of some states, a detachment is an organic subunit of a squadron.

(3) In the border troops, detachments are independent military units.

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Italy Detachment supported the 172nd HBCT reset in December by downloading 47 tracked and wheeled vehicles at the Port of Livorno for onward movement for maintenance.
A grand opening ceremony that welcomed chiefs and councils from the four First Nations the detachment services, Samson, Ermineskin, Louis Bull, and Montana, took place on June 5 and showed off all of the new features in the RCMP building.
Once he got the equipment back to the detachment commander, Carter assisted in getting communications with higher headquarters reestablished, allowing the detachment to call in Close Air Support strikes.
D'Amico has revealed that there are three surgical options that can be used to treat retinal detachment, namely scleral buckling, pneumatic retinopexy, and vitrectomy
A pilot of the Chinese peacekeeping helicopter detachment is in peacekeeping operation.
The cheque was handed over at the detachment end of year gathering presentation night and Christmas gathering.
For example, Cuba lost power for more than a week owing to wind damage and the flooding of the embassy, but the detachment used cell phones effectively to provide morning and situational reports to Region 9 HQ.
The group, however, failed to overrun the detachment.
A few reports, be that as it may, have proposed that tricuspid valve detachment (TVD) is a sheltered method to enhance presentation for conclusion of VSDs3-5.
Providing JP-5 support for 15,239 aircraft, support equipment and facilities, as well as fuel support for foreign and domestic forces afloat, NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville Detachment Key West Fuels Division's seven fuel trucks performed refueling transactions involving more than 19 million gallons of fuel.
Methods: One hundred and three eyes of one hundred and three patients, who underwent three ports parsplana vitrectomy + band + silicone oil, three ports pars plana vitrectomy + silicone oil, three ports pars plana vitrectomy + C3F8 for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD) repair, at Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre, were included in this observational prospective study.