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Now the researchers report that cancer cells yield pulses with tints and other optical traits that are detectably different from those of healthy cells.
Even at in vitro concentrations up to 1000-fold higher than those required for A-Beta42 inhibition, they do not detectably inhibit Notch proteolytic processing.
Even so, Emerson's poem "The Snow-Storm," as Wilson's first literary example, conveys a sense of tumultuous vitality without either displaying or detectably hiding his considerable knowledge of crystallography.
Although it retarded development of the SVs to some extent (they were smaller with less epithelial branching than in controls), flutamide treatment did not detectably alter the relative proportions of stromal and epithelial tissue in the way that DES treatment did (Figure 1, Table 3).
Participants with PTSD had detectably different levels of a particular chemical than those without the disorder.
This sequence change did not detectably affect the ability of NS 1 to block interferon induction when expressed transiently in 293T cells (data not shown).
Thus, a large proportion of the clam population is never detectably infected at any given time, even though cumulative mortality can be high.
Bisphosphonate treatment produced a significant change in NTx/Cr more often than in DPD/Cr, and the response was not detectably dependent on the BMD class.
After Dex stimulation, most GFP-GR was localized to the nucleus (Figures 8B, 8E, and 9), and this translocation was not altered detectably by arsenite pretreatment (Figures 8C, 8F, and 9).
In young stages of cephalopods very high relative growth rates may be achieved and although feeding rates increase with temperature, there is no empirical evidence that GGE change detectably with temperature (Mangold & Boletzky 1973, Van Heukelem 1987).
Various methods adhere to the above requirement to different extents, and even within any given common technology, individual assays may differ detectably in their compliance.