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(1) In some modern languages, a class of words including articles and certain pronomial adjectives (demonstratives and possessives). Determinatives are necessary markers with the noun; they express the meanings of the grammatical category of definiteness. Determinatives exist in a number of Western European languages (all Romance and Germanic languages, Greek, and Hungarian).

(2) In the comparative grammar of Indo-European languages, the term designating the elements of the suffixal type, which are closely bound to the root and whose precise meaning is usually not clear.

(3) In the history of written language, the graphic markers of a group of concepts, to which the word equipped with the determinative belongs. Determinatives are used in individual writing systems (the hieroglyphic written language of Egypt, the Hittite hieroglyphics, and Sumerian and Hittite cuneiform). In the Chinese hieroglyphic written language, the determinative is an element of hieroglyph (which is common to a number of hieroglyphs); it can also function as an independent hieroglyph.

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These forward-looking statements relate to DUSA's expectations that the Australian ruling is not determinative of issues in any other patent dispute, that it will be reviewing the ruling, and beliefs regarding the differences in patent language in the US patent, US law and operational impact on the Company .
As Judge Carter noted, these erroneous rulings were "likely determinative of the outcome" of the prior trial.
Despite the lack of the determinative im, gu-en-na fd-da is here the "sediment of a water course," Akk.
Judge Ruwe disagreed with the majority because he believed the Ninth Circuit "has already passed on the determinative legal issue.
Sommerville is concerned to keep the theory she deals with discrete and internally consistent, but she cites case after case in which context is crucially determinative.
7701-1(c), local law is determinative whether the standard set by the Internal Revenue laws are met.
determinative factor, the claims history of Wilderness ATs shows
Supply fundamentals and other determinative factors suggest that energy prices will remain high for the fore-seeable future, providing the incentives for us to expand Carmel's operations.
The Service will consider and weigh all relevant factors, with no single factor deemed determinative.
Names with and without divine determinative are included by the author: "Whenever a word without a determinative is mentioned in a series of names of deities, or whenever a comparable text indicates that the word refers to 'something' divine, it has been included.
Heiple reviews the critical tradition that established Garcilaso's "sincerity" as the determinative criterion for explaining his artistic superiority.
Before applying these domicile tests, however, any tax treaty between the United States and the other country where domicile may exist should be examined since treaty provisions, if a treaty exists, are determinative.