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Decrypt This is a deterministic algorithm consist of two steps.
Since any PRNG that runs on a deterministic computer is a deterministic algorithm, the generated string will have certain characteristics that a string of natural random number does not have.
We have chosen exact sequence matching as an example of a simple deterministic algorithm, backpropagation neural networks as an example of a robust classifier, and Hidden Markov Models as an example of sequence modeling.
FairWay uses a deterministic algorithm in order to assign Scheduled Next-Node Arrival Times (SNNATs) to each frame as it arrives at a node.
The dynamic nature of grid resources and the demands of users produce complexity in the grid scheduling problem that cannot be addressed by deterministic algorithms with polynomial complexity.
The integrated solution is powered by Intelimedix's market-leading data mining and analytics platform, which leverages proprietary deterministic algorithms to uncover inappropriate payments, known fraud schemes and treatment variations, as well as other cost-increasing events.
Other topics include hardness amplification within NP deterministic algorithms, a direct product theorem for discrepancy, black box polynomial identity testing, and detecting rational points on hypersurfaces over finite fields.
As an organization begins to operate in the stochastic universe that lies beyond the deterministic algorithms of traditional methods, corporate decision makers will discover that they have access to significantly more information about the liability estimates.
NURBS surfaces can be constructed using deterministic algorithms, Piegl and Tiller [2] presented a method for constructing NURBS surfaces in this way, even though some method for constructing NURBS deterministically assign homogeneous weighting factors, therefore the resultant surface locally do not follow close enough the geometry described by the control points.
Deterministic Algorithms and Predictive Modeling Detect Unnecessary Treatment, Inappropriate Payments, Protocol, Fraud and Identity Theft

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