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(dĕ`tənā'tər), type of explosiveexplosive,
substance that undergoes decomposition or combustion with great rapidity, evolving much heat and producing a large volume of gas. The reaction products fill a much greater volume than that occupied by the original material and exert an enormous pressure, which can be
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 that reacts with great rapidity and is used to set off other, more inert explosives. Fulminate of mercury mixed with potassium chlorate is a commonly used detonator. The word is also applied to equipment which, by flame, spark, percussion, friction, or pressure, is used to set off a chemical detonator.



a high-explosive charge intended to ensure the complete explosion of the main charge of a shell, mine, aerial bomb, or blasting charge. Pressed cylindrical high-explosive charges (tetryl, phlegmatized hexogens of pentaerythritol tetranitrate [PETN], or trinitrotoluene [TNT]), which are more sensitive to detonation than the explosive of the charge, are usually used. One form of detonator is the so-called TNT plug, which is used for ammunition with a bursting charge of ammonites; it also protects the main charge from atmospheric moisture.

The weight and size of detonators are determined by the quantity of explosive in the bursting charge of the ammunition, the form and sensitivity to detonation of the explosive, and the purpose of the ammunition. An additional detonator is used if the power of the igniter detonator is inadequate.


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A device, such as a blasting cap, employing a sensitive primary explosive to detonate a high-explosive charge.


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The detonators are described as small discs, approximately 5cm (two inches) in diameter, with two lead strips either side.
The bombs planted, thus, had as many as three detonators.
You were found in possession of a detonator and that in the context of your lifestyle at the time is a serious business.
Detonator is today ridden by Frankie Dettori, who was on one of today's rivals, Judgethemoment, over course and distance three weeks ago and rode him expertly, too, in prevailing very narrowly from the front.
March 26, 2004: Police find detonators, traces of dynamite and fingerprints inside a rural cottage where police suspect the bombs were made.
This type of initiation system allows all of the detonators in the blast to be ignited simultaneously, with each detonator then firing at a slightly different time based on the predetermined delay time of that detonator.
New on the market is ICI's Excel shock-tube detonator.
The Detonator Stereo Headset includes 50mm Neodymium Drivers, Detachable Boom Mic and Selectable Voice Monitoring and is expected to be joined by additional products in the range in time for the 2011 holiday season.
Capital Investigation Department of Police has arrested three suspected militants and recovered heavy explosive material, detonators, bearing balls and detonator wires from them, senior police officer told media.
The proposal is now being consulted at the highest levels in the government with the department of industrial policy and promotion ( DIPP) being asked to take required steps to ensure barcoding of each detonator produced in the country.
A DART driver was lucky to be alive yesterday after a detonator exploded in his kit bag.
87 kilograms and after testing them them they turned out to be RDX with 50 high-explosive blasting cap in addition to a six-meter long detonator.