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These men do not have a post-orgasmic refractory period and their orgasms are followed by neither detumescence nor hypersensitivity of the glans of the penis.
This leads to smooth muscle cell contraction, allowing only limited blood flow into the penis, which is now in the flaccid state, or undergoes detumescence if it was previously erect.
A detumescence period of at least 2 minutes followed.
Efficacy of shunt surgery for refractory low flow priapism: A report on the incidence of failed detumescence and erectile dysfunction.
As a folk medicine, this plant enjoys vast uses for invigorating circulation and reducing stasis, detumescence and analgesic (Zhon-ghua Herbals Editorial Committee 1999).
In this sense, Dali's work might be read in terms similar to cultural theorists Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, who conceive of books as "bodies without organs," a fitting metaphor for an artist who so often works with imagery of detumescence and the empty shell.
My jaw kept dropping, and I gave equal, breathless time to both of them, who for me had joined forces in opening a world of throbbing, quasi-erotic fantasies where tumescence and detumescence served as twin engines for the eerie humanoids who dwelled in this realm of uninhibited imaginations.
When the standard therapy of intracavernosal adrenergic agents with/without intracavernosal aspiration irrigation does not result in detumescence, a variety of surgical shunting procedures (proximal and distal approaches) have been used to direct blood from the corpora cavernosa into the low-pressure spongiosal system.
To our prudent delight, we pupils in the eleventh grade (class of 1955) discovered that, in the last line of Samson Agonistes, Milton (this paragon among Puritan poets) signals quittance as detumescence.
After ejaculation/orgasm, detumescence of penis and testicular descent are more rapid due to decreased amount of vasocongestion.
12] Classic features include the patient reporting an audible "popping" sound, rapid detumescence, pain, penile swelling and deviation of the penis often to the side opposite the injury secondary to mass effect of the hematoma at the injury site.
The cavernous nerve of the penis is the other nerve that carries both the nerve of erection (parasympathetic) and the nerve of detumescence (sympathetic).