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In December, the French franc stabilized around 25 francs per dollar--an 80 percent devaluation from the 1914 parity.
A presumption of stability does not in general rule out the possibility that devaluation could be contractionary on impact.
As in 1983 and 1987, municipal officials are well aware of the implications of the peso devaluation and are prepared to act to ensure fiscal integrity.
The higher income, in local currencies, consequent to the devaluations, did not immediately result in the anticipated increase in production.
Nonetheless, most devaluations have been preceded by one or more of the following major warnings that should alert the risk manager and other parties involved to the possibility of a devaluation:
We are proceeding in the wrong direction, and the recent devaluation of the Mexican peso will just hasten the increase in a U.
No wonder therefore that Pakistani businessmen feel that things have gone topsyturvy in the wake of the devaluation of the Indian rupee and the export bias of the trade policy has become irrelevant in this context.
Given the widespread concern about competitive devaluations and the goal of maintaining a system of fixed exchange rates, the overriding objective of U.
The evidence indicates that devaluations have been a successful tool in inducing trade balance adjustment.
Debate about the extent of the worlds remaining oil reserves and their rate of depletion is ongoing, following a spate of shock devaluations of reserves by many oil majors.
Global Banking News-February 4, 2015--India worried about competitive currency devaluations