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SEAC was used to work on many problems including solving partial differential equations by Monte Carlo methods, generating optimum sampling plans for the Census Bureau, calculating transient stresses on aircraft structures, and developing accounting procedures for the Social Security Administration.
In this spirit, many enterprises are developing innovative employee education/training programs to keep the skills of existing employees abreast of constantly evolving technologies.
developing the technical base for zero-discharge manufacturing.
org) was established in 1989 to develop new approaches to the problems of managing records in developing countries.
If your firm wants to expand to two or more niches, you will have to find an enthusiastic leader who considers developing a niche an exciting challenge.
Most reactor TPO grades have durometers on the Shore D scale, but Montell is developing grades of 60-80 A.
The summary overview of capital flows to developing countries shown in table 1 incorporates several trends that have emerged since the early 1970s.
Other revenue generating opportunities being explored include working with Workers' Compensation authorities in Maine to formulate a program for assessment of work capacities for injured workers and developing a joint venture with a statewide health maintenance organization to provide "case management" services in a manner consistent with the independent living philosophy.
Provided with known capabilities and each Service's must-haves, the technical/architecture workgroups for BAA and BAB began developing technical solutions.
When the Public Safety Curriculum project began, the state of Georgia already had 35 teachers in Law Enforcement programs throughout the state; some were previously involved in developing national standards in this area (States' Career Clusters Initiative, 2002).
Proposed curricula should provide a core set of advanced study courses that focus primarily on the internationally relevant aspects of the ethical, legal, and social principles guiding the responsible conduct of research in developing countries.
Camp people have known the importance of developing character for well over a hundred years.

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