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The process of directing the movements of any vehicle, especially an aeronautical vehicle or space vehicle, with particular reference to the selection of a course or flight path.


See also Counsel.
Analects, The
emphasize human relationships, the golden rule, and usefulness to the state and society. [Chin. Lit.: The Analects of Confucius in Benét, 33]
Anthony, Mr.
gave guidance to supplicants on radio show. [Am. Radio: “Ask Mr. Anthony” in Buxton, 99]
bear who teaches Mowgli jungle law. [Br. Lit.: The Jungle Books]
Dear Abby
column of moral or psychological advice; syndicated since 1956. [Pop. Culture: Payton, 185]
under her aegis, Barak routed the Canaanites. [O.T.: Judges 4:4–10]
Dix, Dorothea
(1870–1951) syndicated columnist who gave advice to the lovelorn. [Am. Pop. Culture: Misc.]
Dooley, Mr
. Irish saloonkeeper in Chicago who sagely and humorously dispenses folk philosophy. [Am. Humor: Hart, 240]
Word of God showing the way. [Christian Symbolism: O.T.: Psalms 119:105]
Landers, Ann
(1918—) syndicated columnist who gives advice on personal problems. [Pop. Culture: Misc.]
Odysseus’s friend and advisor. [Gk. Lit.: Odyssey]
Ten Commandments
God’s precepts for man’s life. [O.T.: Exodus 20:3–17; Deuteronomy 5:7–21]
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consistent with practices advocated by both comprehensive developmental guidance and the ASCA National Model) was associated with a higher graduation rate in career and technical education programs and with higher participation rates for nontraditional students in career and technical education programs.
The present study extends these findings by indicating that, at least in some states, certain aspects of program organization may be more salient than others and that implementing some features of the ASCA National Model that were not an integral part of comprehensive developmental guidance (e.
Career Genograms in Middle School Developmental Guidance Programs
Career Genograms in High School Developmental Guidance Programs
The results of the present study also suggest that focusing on the full implementation of career and technical education programs (Perkins programs) within the context of comprehensive developmental guidance is associated with positive outcomes for students.
Both indicate that benefits to students are associated with the implementation of a comprehensive developmental guidance model and indicate that implementing features of the ASCA National Model are also associated with improved student outcomes.
In sum, these findings suggest that school counselors using curricular materials to address developmental domains are implementing the recommendations of ASCA's National Model (2003) regarding quality developmental guidance and counseling programs.
The ASCA National Model also has some unique features and some features that differ by degree or emphasis from the Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program Model.
Because of the stronger emphasis on accountability and the use of data, school counseling programs that have a fully implemented comprehensive developmental guidance program may have to make some changes in order to become a National Model program.
Furthermore, it can be very helpful for school counselors to provide information about depression to all students via special programs or developmental guidance lessons (Evans et al.

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