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Fleet Commander includes reporting, device assignment profiles, GPS tracking, GEO fencing, driver performance monitoring, diagnostic alerts and DOT compliance.
0 release has also added a device sharing facility for systems with limited physical devices that complements the existing direct device assignment mechanism that has been available in previous versions of LynxSecure.
All other study investigators, the plumbing contractor who installed the devices, and the study subjects were blinded as to the household device assignment throughout the trial, including the analysis phase, resulting in a triple-blinded trial.
4), which can be expressed as BI = p x (r/2) + q, where p is the proportion who attempt to guess their device assignment, 0 [less than or equal to p [less than or equal to] 1; r is the ratio, among those who attempt guesses, of the proportions of observed and expected guesses; and q = 1 -p is the proportion of subjects who do not attempt to guess (i.
Overall, most subjects guessed "active" as their device assignment (50%); 33% guessed "don't know," and the rest guessed "sham.
Our findings suggest that at least two thirds of participants remained blinded to device assignment throughout the 16- week trial.
Plus, FibreStor's new Plug-and-Play dynamic device assignments automatically resolves ID conflicts.