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Alongside the flexibility that device independence provides, as per the official release, they also reportedly allow tight integration with live broadcasting to social media e.
While this type of system could be integrated using SIP devices on the agent side, using WebRTC enables similar device independence.
Compared to the stand-alone versions of Office the key benefits of a cloud-based approach are portability and device independence.
SOFTPRO's Universal Device Layer (UDL), a key feature of its SignWare software development kit, now supports the Epic interface providing customers with access to a broad range of electronic signature capture devices, including mobile, thereby enabling users to achieve device independence.
We're excited about the introduction of Zmags' HTML5 Verge[TM] viewer because it offers true device independence across all major touchpoints, and look forward to further enhancements in the coming months," said Paul Harknett, Technical Manager at Tesco Media Publishing.
Crew efficiency and worksite productivity are improved when workers have network and device independence, allowing collaboration to occur from any location at any time on any device.
Employee productivity in the enterprise environment improves with device independence.
Although the promise of device independence is there, Good's client footprint requires high-end devices and doesn't support the broad range of device choices you might expect.
AirClic's wireless mobile information solutions satisfy a critical need - providing device independence and solution continuity across a wide spectrum of wireless technologies.
Sun's Java technology not only allows for device independence, but enables content providers to deliver a richer experience to the consumer.
0, the W3C HTML Working Group faced a number of challenges, including one capable of making or breaking the Web: how to design the next-generation language for Web documents without making what's already on the Web obsolete, and how to create a markup language that supports device independence.
The World Wide Web Consortium devised these document-markup and style-sheet languages in the interests of Web device independence, content reuse, and network-friendly encoding.
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