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Both species of devil's claw have a similar chemical profile," said Thomas Brendler, a medicinal plant expert and editor of the African Herbal Pharmacopeia, a compilation of technical information of various African medicinal plants, including their botany, growing conditions, range of habitat, chemistry and traditional and modern medicinal activities and uses.
Blumenthal added that, according to data ABC used for its annual herb market report, devil's claw is a relatively low-selling herb in the United States.
Materials and methods: The effects of three commercially available Devil's Claw preparations and that of pure harpagoside were studied in the human kidney (HK-2) proximal tubule cell line, constitutively expressing ABCBl/P-glycoprotein (P-gp).
Unfortunately, years of drought have pushed the Devil's claw toward extinction, so scientists are scrambling to devise new ways to produce the valuable medicinal chemicals of the Devil's claw and other rare plants.
Keeping in mind this caveat, the results from the two highest quality trials, which had 89 and 122 participants, suggest that devil's claw may be effective in reducing osteoarthritic pain.
Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens), an herb found in the desert regions of south and southeast Africa, offers a valuable story in sustainability and regional branding.
Alternatively, you could try Devil's Claw, which can be bought as tablets, or you can try nettle tea, drinking several cups a day.
a) A water preparation of devil's claw appears to help reduce back pain.
Herbs found to have dose-dependent peroxyl radical scavenging effects included slippery elm, fenugreek, and devil's claw.
Pedaliaceae), known commonly as Devil's Claw, is a perennial, herbaceous plant native to the dry, arid steppes of southern Africa, and is found especially in the Kalahari Desert.
They included echinacea, which boosts the risk of liver poisoning when taken with arthritis drugs ( plus ginkgo biloba, garlic and devil's claw.
Feverfew, willow bark, devil's claw, and other supplements relieve pain through the same mechanisms as conventional drugs, said Dr.