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Hor Vastus and Kantos Kan, with my other noble lieutenants, I left with Carthoris at Helium, that he might have the benefit of their wisdom, bravery, and loyalty in the performance of the arduous duties which had devolved upon him.
The execution of this abominable decree devolved upon the daroga of Mazenderan.
Prime Minister Theresa May will meet with the devolved administrations to discuss the latest in the EU negotiations and how to work together to achieve a Brexit that works for the whole of the United Kingdom.
The UK Government insists the "vast majority" of powers in devolved areas held by Brussels will now go straight to Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast.
Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington will meet senior figures from the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales to discuss their concerns that the EU (Withdrawal) Bill represents a "power grab" by UK ministers.
Kenyans did not get the devolved system of governance by chance.
The UK Government will make a new push today to quell Welsh and Scottish opposition to its flagship Brexit legislation with the promise that the "vast majority" of powers in devolved areas held by Brussels will go straight to the Assembly and the Scottish Parliament.
EDINBURGH, Jumada II 06, 1439, February 22, 2018, SPA -- Britain's government has made a "considerable offer" to ensure all devolved powers transfer back to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland after Brexit, it said on Thursday, but a Scottish minister said it was not enough, according to Reuters.
Inset, below, a Welsh officer on the beat FRESH call has been made for policing to be devolved to Wales.
One of the toughest challenges for the counties has been the devolved public health care docket.
A 2015 report commissioned by Bristol Airport, and carried out by York Aviation, said APD being devolved to Wales, for the purpose of it being scrapped completely or significant reduced, could cost the region 1,500 jobs and over PS800m in GVA.
Labour claim the current plan will allow UK ministers to rewrite legislation passed in Edinburgh or Cardiff on devolved issues without consultation.