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Our multivariable analysis of bronchiolitis hospital admissions revealed that patients were less likely to be admitted with an increasing dew point (higher moisture content).
Proceeding from the aforementioned, it was decided to determine the dew point temperature for CFB and PF boilers [8] and to research chemical composition of ash deposits forming in APH tubes.
With the dew point at least 2[degrees]F below dry bulb, the relative humidity will generally be about 90 percent.
Typically the dew point is lowered by 40-50 degrees so they never attain the -40[degrees]dew point air required for resin drying and during hot/humid conditions, they often have to be taken offline.
The traditional method of determining the hydrocarbon dew point online is to use a chilled-mirror device that reduces the temperature of a mirror in a measurement chamber filled with the natural gas until enough hydrocarbon mist condenses on the mirror to be detected.
From Figure 5, we can see the circulating air dew point (Td) increases about 3UF(1.
You can see that the dew point is a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air.
A dew point analyzer is also valuable in monitoring the effect of negative pressure on the case of the inductor.
Both external and internal dew point and thermal control probes are available.
Dew Point Sensor--Generally the dew point sensor needs to be replaced yearly.
In combination with advances in sensor technology and integration, the transmitters provide superb precision and state-of-the-art functionality; taking humidity, temperature, and dew point measurements to a new level of performance ([less than] 0.
Improvements to the Michel Instruments MDM300 dew point hygrometer enable it to measure the dew point of drying air down to -70 degC in less than 10 minutes.