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in ancient times, the fillet of silk, wool, or linen tied about the head of a king, queen, or priest as a distinguishing mark. Later, it was a band of gold, which gave rise to the crown. In heraldry, the diadem is one of the arched bars that support the crown.
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As I stood for a moment looking at the gruesome havoc Woola had wrought, there recurred to me the memory of that other occasion upon which I had masqueraded in the wig, diadem, and harness of Sator Throg, the Holy Thern whom Thuvia of Ptarth had slain, and now it occurred to me that it might prove of worth to utilize Lakor's trappings for the same purpose.
For, instead of a long train with royal diadems, I saw in one family two fiddlers, three spruce courtiers, and an Italian prelate.
Madis, meanwhile, upended top seed Casey Padilla, 6-2, 6-4, to snare the girls' 12-U diadem then the M'lang, Cotabato find trounced Angela Buyante, 6-4, 6-1, to claim the 14-U crown in the tournament backed by Asiatraders Corp.
Aside from Bustamante, Reyes captured the diadem in 1999 and Ronnie Alcano joined the elite club in 2006.
The provision relates to the production of hot cell equipment to ensure the phases for the treatment of Diadem containers in the large cell of AISI - Receipt, packaging, welding and screwing,- Well in storage, loading for disposal and transport.
There are few scarcer objects than Egyptian royal jewellery--on or off the market--and on 15 April, Christie's London's Antiquities sale presents a silver diadem of the 17th Dynasty (1580-1550 BC; Fig.
Capped his juvenile campaign with a useful fourth behind Teofilo in the Dewhurst Developed into a useful sprinter at three, culminating with a victory in the Diadem Stakes, in which he beat the likes of Dark Missile and Assertive Bred on a similar line to leading sires Flying Spur and Pomeroy One of the last leading sons of Danzig retired to stud First yearlings made up to EUR100,000, which was paid by Shadwell for a half-brother to the Group 3-placed performer Deposer
The lines formed by these depressions may correspond to the top of the headdress or diadem, as they are arranged around the edge of the lines that represent that; however, they stretch beyond it, which suggests they may possibly have a different meaning.
I shall take a look at the Diadem but much will depend on whether there's cut in the ground or if they water.
Also I'm in a bit of a dilemma as to whether to put a visor on him as he improved for it last year when he won the Diadem, but his manner and attitude this year is totally different.
top it all was placed a final diadem, the first treasure found by the archaeologists as they brushed away the layers of dirt, probably from a cave-in, filling the originally hollow tomb.