diamond light

diamond light, diamond pane

diamond lights
two types of diamond frets
A small pane of glass, either diamond-shaped or square-shaped, and set diagonally in lead cames in a window sash. Also called diamond glass.
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Coventry Central, the pivot of the English system, stabs upward once in ten seconds its spear of diamond light to the north; and a point or two off our starboard bow The Leek, the great cloud-breaker of Saint David's Head, swings its unmistakable green beam twenty-five degrees each way.
An experiment to study transformations in nuclear waste materials at the UK's Diamond Light Source has become the longest running synchrotron light experiment in the world after being in place for 1000 days.
Synopsis: Within each of us resides a diamond light seed of Divine consciousness, waiting to be activated.
com)-- Masaor, a diamond lifestyle company, is taking diamonds beyond the traditional with the Diamond Light Bracelets.
It's already working at synchrotron facility, Diamond Light Source, whose science IT co-ordinator, Bill Pulford, explains how it works in practice: "Imagine a scientific research project such as finding new antibiotics to counter bacterial resistance; that is likely to be a collaboration involving a lot of different facilities, but Assent could help access these facilities during experiments.
Now, a group of scientists from the University of Manchester, the National Nuclear Laboratory and the UK's synchrotron science facility, Diamond Light Source (DLS), has completed research into radioactively contaminated material to gain further understanding around the issue, crucial for the safe and more efficient completion of future decommissioning projects.
The research was conducted using the Diamond Light Source in Harwell, Oxfordshire, that allows scientists to probe materials using intense light 10 billion times brighter than the sun.
DIAMOND LIGHT Curtis has utilised the diamond formation first set up at Swansea by Garry Monk, using it as a way of gaining greater control and solidity at a time where the team have most needed it.
When walking into the main building of the Diamond Light Source at Harwell, Oxfordshire, the atmosphere is muggy with academic cleverness and engineering endeavour.
That's a bold move, but the room is made both light and playful by the Rex diamond light.
Above left: an Atom floor lamp sphere; above right: Rex Diamond light |
This line of super-premium, blended aged rums is comprised of Cruzan Estate Diamond Dark Rum, which the company says is crafted to bring out the complex flavor of barrelaged rum; the new Cruzan Estate Diamond Light Rum, which is charcoal filtered and contains subtle vanilla and oak cask flavors; and the popular Cruzan Single Barrel Rum, which uses a unique blend of vintage rums that have been aged for up to 12 years and bottled one cask at a time.