diamond light

diamond light, diamond pane

diamond lights
two types of diamond frets
A small pane of glass, either diamond-shaped or square-shaped, and set diagonally in lead cames in a window sash. Also called diamond glass.
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Coventry Central, the pivot of the English system, stabs upward once in ten seconds its spear of diamond light to the north; and a point or two off our starboard bow The Leek, the great cloud-breaker of Saint David's Head, swings its unmistakable green beam twenty-five degrees each way.
TigerTurf Diamond Pro line, Diamond Light line, Everglade Pro line as well as Pet/All-Purpose Turf are now certified under the IPEMA ASTM F1292.
That's a bold move, but the room is made both light and playful by the Rex diamond light.
Above left: an Atom floor lamp sphere; above right: Rex Diamond light |
This line of super-premium, blended aged rums is comprised of Cruzan Estate Diamond Dark Rum, which the company says is crafted to bring out the complex flavor of barrelaged rum; the new Cruzan Estate Diamond Light Rum, which is charcoal filtered and contains subtle vanilla and oak cask flavors; and the popular Cruzan Single Barrel Rum, which uses a unique blend of vintage rums that have been aged for up to 12 years and bottled one cask at a time.
Dr David Allan , Principal Beamline Scientist, Diamond Light Source, UK
They've brought in the mystics and vagabonds of Santa Barbara based Torch Light Jewelry, shoes from well known brand Sam Edelman, as well Laurel Canyon's own rock band, The Diamond Light to pull the look together for promotional materials.
The research is a collaboration between scientists at Oxford and Reading Universities, the Pirbright Institute, and the UK's national synchrotron facility, the Diamond Light Source near Oxford.
At the savage beauty of the arctic night laid out before us, at the full moon, the zillion stars, the diamond light dancing on the inky water and, in some cases, admittedly, going, "Oh my lord, it's freeezzzzing out here
McCreery also enjoyed a good result with Diamond Light, a Fantastic Light mare purchased for [euro]50,000 at Arqana last December, who was resold yesterday in foal to Pour Moi for 75,000gns to Stephen Hillen.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists used diamond light source to improve low cost methods for carbon capture.
Find the Diamond Light in You" is a spiritual memoir from Barbara Jean Judd as she touches on the spiritual nature of finding the light within her, and how a near death experience renewed her faith and put her on the path she believes God intended for her.