diamond work

diaperwork, diaper pattern

A decorative masonry pattern formed by brick headers having a dark glazed finish exposed on one end; often laid in the flat unbroken surfaces of gable walls in repeated patterns of diamonds, crisscrossed lines, inverted V’s, or chevrons; also called black diapering.
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Many artisans have left the diamond work and have start working with computerized embroidery as diamond units were bearing heavy losses.
Jamie Spencer's tactics aboard Sri Diamond work a treat as the pair have just enough in reserve to hold off Grand Passion (second left) and Nayyir (right)
Ellison was unruffled and, after watching Carte Diamond work at Sandown racecourse, said: "It doesn't bother me.
Nicky Butt made the midfield diamond work, sitting at the base in front of the back four and doing all the ugly jobs that have to be done, especially with Beckham off-colour by his normal standards.
Double Diamond works wonders Double Diamond Burton Pale Ale became one of the highest-selling beers in the UK during the 1950s, and one of the highest selling keg beers during the 1960s and '70s.
The Down Syndrome Association of Namibia was fortunate to be selected by the Diamond Works to benefit from its first ever Diamond Works Spending for Charity Event.
The chairman said two countries could particularly cooperate in silver and diamond works, and defined closed border crossing and lack of diplomatic relations as the biggest obstacle before trade.
Flight-testing of the de-ice boots will begin later this year on aircraft serial number three - the second of the two flight-test aircraft - as Diamond works to certificate the D-Jet for flight into known icing.
Double Diamond works wonders, works wonders, works wonders
What it takes is an already stressed-out mom or dad, juggling schedules that include a weekend of birthday parties, karate lessons and family gatherings, to physically show their preschoolers how everything on a ball diamond works -- why they need to stand here, throw there, swing this way, run that way, keep their shirt tucked in and their shoelaces tied and not to drink too much Gatorade or else they'll have to find a bathroom.
Diamond works with industry-leading retail and consumer packaged goods companies on critical business issues including supply chain management, information technology innovation and governance, customer channel management, and strategic information advantage.