diamond work

diaperwork, diaper pattern

A decorative masonry pattern formed by brick headers having a dark glazed finish exposed on one end; often laid in the flat unbroken surfaces of gable walls in repeated patterns of diamonds, crisscrossed lines, inverted V’s, or chevrons; also called black diapering.
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SRC] do some research, but the diamond work is primarily assay work; through some dogged effort and ingenuity of our staff, we have developed what is arguably the best commercial diamond assay lab in the world as confirmed by key clients like De Beers.
Many artisans have left the diamond work and have start working with computerized embroidery as diamond units were bearing heavy losses.
Jamie Spencer's tactics aboard Sri Diamond work a treat as the pair have just enough in reserve to hold off Grand Passion (second left) and Nayyir (right)
These include diamond work in Angola and Zaire, graphite in Mozambique and platinum, nickel and iron ore in Zimbabwe.
Bernholc's ab initio models of recent epitaxial diamond work using chloro- and hydrocarbon materials as precursors reveal an overcrowding of the crystal lattice which could lead to a metallic, rather than semiconducting, behavior.
Ellison was unruffled and, after watching Carte Diamond work at Sandown racecourse, said: "It doesn't bother me.
Nicky Butt made the midfield diamond work, sitting at the base in front of the back four and doing all the ugly jobs that have to be done, especially with Beckham off-colour by his normal standards.
Alison, 47, of Dudley, North Tyneside, said: "My theatre company Red Diamond works a lot with people with dementia using performance as therapy.
He admired the "astounding displays" from 13 Arab and other countries by some 65 exhibitors who showcased the latest designs and rare precious gold and diamond works with the wide participation of prominent Saudi businesswomen and jewelry lovers of Saudi Arabia.
Regardless, since existentialism essentially is about killing time until life's ninth inning, watching the exploits of the diamond works for me.
Double Diamond works wonders Double Diamond Burton Pale Ale became one of the highest-selling beers in the UK during the 1950s, and one of the highest selling keg beers during the 1960s and '70s.