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Another consideration is that the wastewater from washing cloth diapers is relatively benign, while the waste water from the pulp, paper and plastics industries can contain solvents, sludge, heavy metals, unreacted polymers, dioxins and furans.
The diapers also are sold at Bambini and Mama Rose's Naturals stores in Eugene.
An infant needs up to 7,000 diaper changes before leaving diapers behind.
Some Canadian municipalities and private companies compost disposable diapers along with other organic waste.
Another textile choice for diapers is hemp," says Susie Little, founder of What's Hempenin' Baby.
North American consumption of disposable baby diapers has also been threatened by a decreasing birth rate.
Santa Clarita spent $500,000 to start the program but will recoup only $100,000 if the firm it contracted with is unable to sell its diaper processing equipment.
To offset the company's use of trees, MotherNature Diapers (http://www.
I had my babies in 1970 and 1972 when disposable diapers were not a perfected product, and I found cloth to be much easier to use.
LCA studies made it clear that cloth diapers were not better or worse than disposal diapers, just different.
Materials science has built a better diaper for infants and their mothers, and one result is that the incidence and severity of diaper dermatitis appears to be going down.
Culture results (colony-forming units per liter [CFU/L] of supernatant) from diapers soaked with 25 mL of various concentrations of E coli ([10.