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This was a theoretical assumption made to demonstrate the overall effectiveness of the diaphragm method.
Of these 765 participants, 215 women reported having used a diaphragm during the previous three months (current diaphragm users), 172 reported having used the diaphragm during the past 2.
Data from a necropsy study indicates that ultrasound (US) measurement of diaphragm thickness (DT) at the zone of apposition (ZOA) is as accurate as measurements performed in vitro with a ruler (8).
In some cases, diaphragm elevation may be the only finding.
The liver likely has a protective effect on the right diaphragm, and right diaphragmatic injuries maybe underdiagnosed [1, 8].
The researchers took diaphragm tissue from donor rats and removed all the living cells from it using a series of chemical treatments.
8226; Customers will find other information related to the Diaphragm Direct part including connection type, product description, compliance details, traceability, temperature, and name of the OEM manufacturer.
This versatility of plastic diaphragm check valves is permitted to a large degree by their ability to operate in any spatial orientation, to prevent the free-flow of fluids or gases under gravity.
In the present case, the right crus of the diaphragm was duplicated completely and the splanchnic nerves entered the abdominal cavity by passing through the space between the two right crura.
On the other hand, primary leiomyosarcoma of the diaphragm is extremely rare.