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one of the types of written work used to reinforce and test knowledge and to form student habits. It is used most widely in the teaching of spelling and punctuation.

Specific forms of dictation are also used in the teaching of other subjects, for example, topographical dictation in geography lessons and musical dictation in lessons of solfége in music schools and conservatories.

S. N. GROMTSEVA [8–766–3; updated]

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Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac adapts to a clinician's voice and words over time, ensuring greater accuracy of patient details and information.
Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac adapts to a clinician s voice and words over time, ensuring greater accuracy of patient details and information.
Dragon Dictate for Mac has improved accuracy with new and improved speech recognition technology, and now features the ability to transcribe text from any single speaker's pre-recorded audio file, combining both voice recognition and transcription offerings into one powerful product.
Air Dictate, which in addition to an iPhone 4S requires a Mac running Mac OS X 10.
According to the company, Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.
With increased speed and accuracy, and the ability to dictate into recorders, the market for dictation has exploded into some truly beneficial areas.
3 : to make necessary <Tradition dictates that we go first.
The new system lets them dictate their letters into a digital dictation machine, which are uploaded in seconds and digitally transferred to a specialist company which transcribes and e-mails them back to the consultant within 48 hours.
Look no further than San Francisco to see that there is an agenda to grow government dictates on employers.
After years of being beaten down by a chain of power that started with the largest automakers and retailers, a seismic shift in the supply-and-demand balance has allowed basic materials producers (steelmakers, mining companies and some paper makers among them) to dictate more favorable pricing and negotiating terms.
The potential of the Internet as a broadcasting platform is exploited to the full with constant experimentation of potential services that technologically dictate the means of archiving sites and pages.
The training process requires the user to dictate text that appears on the screen into the software.