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one of the types of written work used to reinforce and test knowledge and to form student habits. It is used most widely in the teaching of spelling and punctuation.

Specific forms of dictation are also used in the teaching of other subjects, for example, topographical dictation in geography lessons and musical dictation in lessons of solfége in music schools and conservatories.

S. N. GROMTSEVA [8–766–3; updated]

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They can upload, play and download dictation files, send them to their assistant, speech recognition or the Philips SpeechLive transcription service, which uses professional, industry-specific trained transcriptionists.
Purchase of systems and maintenance for Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Dictation for the Region of Southern existing Electronic Health Record system and other clinical systems for healthcare documentation.
When a user inputs any text using voice through Dictation, the current iOS version employs software to upload the speech to the cloud to get it converted into text, a method that requires an Internet connection and a cloud backend.
Digital dictation can prove to be a useful tool for organisations such as law firms and hospitals or any corporation that deals with a large volume of dictation.
For years dictation product, system, and service providers have found it difficult to satisfy the needs of mobile digital dictation users who require dictation and data capture capabilities.
ATLANTA -- Speech Processing Solutions, the market leader in professional dictation systems, today announced that the Philips SpeechMike Premium received a perfect score of six dragons on Nuance Communication's latest recording accuracy test.
From small businesses to large corporates, professionals worldwide facing high document workloads can significantly benefit from Philips' dictation solutions.
Duane Morris recognizes that the ability to support its attorneys through document management extends to the dictation process, and with Verdatum as the only digital dictation system that provides true integration with its document management system, Interwoven/iManage Worksite, the choice was easy.
Digital dictation workflow systems developer WinScribe has announced the upcoming availability of its WinScribe Office product for digital dictation.
SoftMed Systems has introduced VoiceScript, a dictation and voice management system.
Mobile app fully integrates with Philips' SpeechExec software, including newly updated SpeechExec Dictation Hub, and allows users to seamlessly record, edit and send voice files
the innovator in low-cost dictation and transcription solutions, adds enhanced speech recognition to StudyManager 5.