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one of the types of written work used to reinforce and test knowledge and to form student habits. It is used most widely in the teaching of spelling and punctuation.

Specific forms of dictation are also used in the teaching of other subjects, for example, topographical dictation in geography lessons and musical dictation in lessons of solfége in music schools and conservatories.

S. N. GROMTSEVA [8–766–3; updated]

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Since adopting Philips dictation technology, we have noticed a significant increase in employee productivity due to the speed and flexibility that SpeechLive and the Pocket Memo 8000 allow.
Recent accolades for SpeechMike Premium included a perfect score of six Dragons in Nuance's annual compatibility report, which provides information about how well dictation devices integrate with Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software.
For dictations various online teaching materials, which are available at the language learning websites, were employed: <http://www.
The administrative assistant time required to paste the dictations into the appropriate place in the PowerNote template completed by the physician was an average of 1.
com/dictation and simply downloading a form, users can select the products they wish to try, and to ensure that users get the most out of the technology, Philips guarantees a member of the digital dictation team and a partner will visit to install the solution.
Users can now download the new iOS Philips dictation recorder iPhone app 3.
The Philips SpeechExec for iPhone Recorder app has a user-friendly interface for quick navigation to guide the user through the dictation and uploading process.
By using Dragon Medical with Philips SpeechExec, medical secretaries will now receive an automatically transcribed draft of a doctor's dictation, which they can easily review and finalize," said Stefan Herm, Vice President and General Manager, Nuance Healthcare EMEA.
Only this guarantees the user a secure investment in terms of the procurement, use and future compatibility of digital dictation systems and speech recognition systems.
TranscriptionGear's dictation workflow solutions include Atom Dictation for workgroups such as law firms, health clinics and physician offices; the idigital ASP dictation capture solution; and the industry's most successful transcribe software, GearPlayer.
With this innovative dictation device, our customers get to benefit from the excellent ergonomical design and sound quality of professional dictation devices, while enjoying the great flexibility of being able to send their dictations to their assistant any time, from anywhere, reflecting the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce.
Both provide for delivering mobile dictations to the customer's systems securely.