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We would revel in the old Echo cartoons like the Back Entry Diddlers, Rupert the Bear, and Curly Wee and Gussie Goose.
WHEN we did our football "dream team" at work, I called my team The Back Entry Diddlers after the cartoon strip, that was in the ECHO just after the war.
And then there was the legendary ``Back Entry Diddlers `` a street team of scruffs whose only female supporter carried an umbrella to assault the other team.
I READ every word in the ECHO each night I have done for years, it's the `Scousers delight' Since Curly Wee days and the Back entry Diddlers To present day news of muggers and fiddlers I start at the sport, while the wife bags the `Crossy' (For she's pretty smart having worked in a `Hossy') Then it's on to Our Willie and his smart-alecdog