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7) Didelphic uteri have the highest association with transverse vaginal septum.
Outflow tract obstruction of any cause--including a didelphic uterus or other uterine anomalies, vaginal septum, hematometra, renal agenesis, or imperforate hymen--is associated with extensive endometriosis that is typically reversed upon establishing a patent outflow tract.
Intrauterine pregnancy corresponding to gestational age of 10 weeks was seen in the left horn of the didelphic uterus.
Look for Part 2 of this installment next month, when we will present images detailing the unicornuate, bicornuate, didelphic, and DES-exposed uterus.
DIDELPHIC A Having a double womb B Prophetic C Twinned with another town who am I?
jairajpurii on the basis of the characters that are diagnostic in the genus Varotylus and are helpful in the identification of species such as orifice of dorsal oesophageal gland about half stylet length behind stylet base, subventral glands lying in a subdorsal to lateral position, didelphic gonad with well developed ovaries and female tail dorsally convex-conoid to rounded.
It is a lateral fusion defect of mullerian ducts with symmetrical unobstructed didelphic uterus having complete vaginal septum.