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(1) See data interchange format.

(2) (Data Interchange Format) A standard file format for spreadsheet and other data structured in row and column form. Originally developed for VisiCalc, DIF is now under Lotus' jurisdiction.

(3) (Display Information Facility) An IBM System/38 program that let users build custom programs for online access to data.

(4) (Document Interchange Format) A file standard developed by the U.S. Navy in 1982.

(5) (Dual In-line Flatpack) A type of surface mount DIP with pins extending horizontally outward.
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They also held a bake-off competition between the dif- petition dif ferent houses.
These charges concern the alleged use of two dif- dif ferent names, having contact with a girl under 16, possessing a camera in a mobile phone, and using a device capable of accessing the internet.
However, the story could have been very dif- dif ferent for Clayton who almost entered the Football League wilderness before being given his Elland Road chance by Grayson.