differential GPS

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differential GPS

[‚dif·ə¦ren·chəl ¦jē¦pē′es]
A technique for improving the accuracy of the Global Positioning System (GPS) in which error corrections are transmitted to users based on measurements of GPS signals by one or more reference receivers situated at known locations. Abbreviated DGPS.

differential GPS (global positioning system)

differential GPS (global positioning system)
The system of establishing position by getting the fix from a constellation of navigational satellites, in which the errors caused by the atmosphere or the ionosphere and those induced by selective availability are corrected. The system has a much higher accuracy than the conventional GPS. It uses two receivers, a rover at an unknown location (aircraft's GPS receiver), and a base station at a known fixed location. The base station computes corrections based on the differences between its actual and observed ranges to the tracked satellites and sends the correction to the rover receiver.
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2) Measurement, sensing and monitoring of unmanned air and ground vehicles: examples include motion capture, monitoring position and location of mobile multi-vehicle platforms, 3-D LIDAR, differential GPS, GNSS, processing data from Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs).
He also served as a Branch Chief of the USCG's R&D Center developing Differential GPS.
SmartPath ground-based systems provide differential GPS corrections, satellite health and approach paths to replace or supplement Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) currently used at airports.
used real-time data from the agency's Global Differential GPS (GDGPS) network to successfully predict the size of the resulting tsunami.
In consultation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, AMNAS plans to operate three more new lighthouses along the Arabian Sea coast by the end of 2010 and provide a differential GPS service so that ships can improve the accuracy of navigation in this strategic area.
To achieve its accuracy, the SDB--officially called GBU-39/B--employs air advanced technology known as wide-area differential GPS (global positioning system) support infrastructure.
Ship position was continuously determined using differential GPS.
Nationwide Differential GPS technology will leverage the Department of Defense's investment in GPS and the U.
In addition to hosting the server, XYPOINT also provides the map functions and differential GPS services.
A system called differential GPS, which requires a local base station, can provide meter-level accuracy.
Greater accuracy (1-15 meters) can be obtained with differential GPS, utilizing an additional transmitter placed nearby on the ground.
Assistance technologies include satellite-based systems such as WAAS, EGNOS, and OmniSTAR, and cellular or radio-based terrestrial systems such as A-GPS, and Differential GPS and RTK networks.

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