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The topics include foundations of enterprise systems engineering and architecting, simulating enterprise architecture for a business strategy, optimal control and differential game modeling of a systems engineering process for transformation, nuclear waste management strategic framework for a large-scale government program, and modeling the nation's healthcare system as a dynamic enterprise.
Hence, in this paper I analyze the intrafirm diffusion of a new process innovation in a differential game model of an oligopoly.
The sixth edition adds six chapters on advanced adjoint applications, differential game guidance, boost-phase filtering options, and control sizing for boost-phase intercept.
Some specific topics covered include connections between concepts in reliability and economics, coextrema additive operators, dynamic optimal advertising expenditure strategies for two successive generations of high technology products, fair allocation to discourage free riding behavior, and a Stackelberg differential game with overlapping generations for the management of a renewable resource.
A chapter on arms races covers all of the core models: Prisoner's Dilemma, Richardson's equations, McGuire's static optimization model, the Intriligator-Brito model, Wolfson's economic warfare, Brito's dynamic optimization model, and Simaan and Cruz's differential game approach.
Other topics addressed include game and control problems with discontinuous switches of constraints for control, numerical study of the "homicidal chauffer" differential game with a reinforced pursuer, equilibrium in competitive silent games of timing, and values for TU games with linear cooperation structures.
In Part Two the design of a guidance loop that minimizes the miss distance in the presence of a maneuvering target is described through the use of modeling as a differential game with saddle point.
Chapters cover general optimal control problems, finite-dimensional optimization, optimization of dynamic systems with general performance criteria, terminal equality constraints, the linear quadratic control problem, and linear quadratic differential games.
The first is based on the mathematical theory of differential games.
Other areas covered include dynamic programming, optimal control for polynomial systems, multi-variable frequency-domain techniques, and differential games.
Cooperative game theory, mechanism design/implementation, political economy, learning, equilibrium selection, experimental economics, axiomatic decision theory, and differential games are among the areas addressed.
Russia) have organized the material in this text into two sections: an elementary but systematic exposition of the main ideas of modern game theory with only secondary school level mathematics required and a more detailed discussion of the mathematical methods of the theory that discusses such advanced analysis topics as the differential geometry approach to stability, the abstract dynamic system approach to the analysis of differential games, Bellman type equations for multi-criteria optimization, turnpikes for stochastic games, and statistical physics (this latter section requires familiarity with calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and probability).

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