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A device whose output function is proportional to the derivative, or rate of change, of the input function with respect to one or more variables.



(also derivator or derivimeter), a device for determining directions of tangents and normals at particular points on arbitrary curves. The differentiator-triangle is most widely used. At the vertex of the right angle is a column with an optical system for the precise mounting of the device. An arc indicates the scale dividing the angle in degrees (protractor). Sleeves are fixed parallel to the legs of the right angle through which markings are made to construct the tangent or normal to the particular curve.

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The new ruling threatens to remove content altogether as a differentiator for the provider.
By working with DivX, we are able to provide our OEM customers with high-quality video recording as a key product differentiator," said Ohad Meitav, Senior Director, digital cameras at Zoran.
We believe Lenovo's differentiators and core advantage in the industry are based on the company's focus on quality, innovation and engineering," said Jon Lindy, president of TBR.
The extended battery life and recharging time are key competitive differentiators for this handheld field computer targeted at markets such as natural resources, agriculture, and land surveying.
The trustees identified SEI's PensionConnect 360(TM) for Multiemployer Plans solution as a key differentiator because of its ability to integrate all components of the plan into one model.
Delegated administration was also identified as a core differentiator, "whereby users can be empowered based on their role within the organization.
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Providing the means for functionality and the search by telecommunications providers, cable companies, and Internet Service Providers for differentiators, it extends customers several options.