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A device whose output function is proportional to the derivative, or rate of change, of the input function with respect to one or more variables.



(also derivator or derivimeter), a device for determining directions of tangents and normals at particular points on arbitrary curves. The differentiator-triangle is most widely used. At the vertex of the right angle is a column with an optical system for the precise mounting of the device. An arc indicates the scale dividing the angle in degrees (protractor). Sleeves are fixed parallel to the legs of the right angle through which markings are made to construct the tangent or normal to the particular curve.

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The greater buyer sophistication is making design an even more important differentiator.
The report, "Orange's IPTV Challenge: Create a Non-Content Differentiator," suggests that Orange will need to fundamentally alter its marketing strategy to stay competitive.
This Ntrinsic proprietary process validates or creates the integral components of a successful marketing effort to identify the company or product positioning, elevator pitch, unique selling and value propositions, key selling statements, key competitive differentiators, ideal customer profile and a customer pain map.
Lombardi for Office has become a tremendous differentiator for the company in competitive situations, with fully 56% of customers electing to leverage the technology alongside their TeamWorks implementations.
While the ST series offers a number of differentiators, ECI still needs to win customer/market traction in this sector.
Commoditization of minutes and coverage means differentiators are shifting towards content delivery.