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The diffusion coefficient and activation energy is determined using the series solution of Crank.
The diffusion coefficient in Equation (1) depends on the moisture content and temperature of the granules as given by following equation (Liou, 1982; Luyben et al.
where C(x,t) is proportional to the amount of the diffusant, boron, at depth x and time t, D is the diffusion coefficient, and M is the area under the concentration vs.
The flux through the soil surface is estimated from Eqn 7 with the diffusion coefficient estimated from the water content at the depth of 0.
Figure 6 depicts the diffusion coefficients for both cases at both temperatures.
A constant diffusion coefficient for TMPD-MIB transport through a paint layer of constant thickness was assumed for Case I.
Kinetic theory shows that the diffusion coefficient in an ideal gas is proportional to [T.
This result strongly suggests that it is not only the local values of the diffusion coefficient near the interface that have an impact on the parameters [[lambda].
Hopfenberg, who specializes in diffusion studies, reported in 1988 that results of an experiment with propane molecules showed amber to be relatively porous, with a diffusion coefficient for propane of [10.
The diffusion coefficient of the PAN 6 aggregates in DMF and DMAc vary by an order at ~1.
A dynamic vapor sorption (DVs; surface Measurement systems) apparatus was used to determine the effective diffusion coefficient for coated aerogel samples.
In addition, the measured apparent diffusion coefficient is greater than that of unaffected white matter.

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