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As food waste and coffee grounds are added to the Eco-Safe Digester each increment is measured and tracked in real-time through the BioHitech Cloud.
Some livestock operators already use anaerobic digesters or have systems to collect methane from manure lagoons, but many do not.
The pig slurry used as feedstock in the digesters was collected daily from the NIAS pig farm where the pigs are kept in an open pig house.
IT is good news that Severn Trent Water is intending to build an anaerobic digester plant in Coleshill at a cost of PS13 million to convert food waste into usable energy.
Today OPCB continues to focus on financing environmentally friendly forms of renewable energy including digesters, solar and small hydro.
Anaerobic digesters take food waste and concentrate it in sealed containers at a specific temperature, close to the human body's 98.
Rural Lane County may become home to a second large cow-manure digester that turns methane gas into electricity.
Working with a group of experts from across the UK, including academics, regulators, private industry and other interested parties, Cwm Harry is looking at the potential for developing a Hub and Pod anaerobic digester.
Using the expertise of Richard's brother Jonathan, who runs JFT Engineering, they value-engineered the digester to get capital cost down to pounds 650,000.
Huntingdon based System Mix with their Vaughan Rotamix system, have become an established supplier of digester mixing systems, not only in municipal installations but also in the rapid growth area of Bio Waste Industry.
Burning methane derived from dog poop or other biodegradable waste material in an anaerobic digester is carbon neutral, meaning it doesn't contribute any new greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that could exacerbate global warming.