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For example, we now know there are sex-based differences in both digestive juices and liver enzymes, which explains why men and women often metabolize drugs differently.
Exocrine (pronounced EX-o-krin) cells are part of the exocrine system and produce the digestive juices.
The more you chew, the more you allow time for your digestive juices to do what they're meant to do.
Until the early nineteenth century, organic chemistry was the chemistry of substances occurring naturally in animal and vegetable matter, such as blood, digestive juices, and sap.
The drug, a protein called PYY3-36, would have to be injected to avoid it being destroyed by the stomach's digestive juices.
This gland secretes digestive juices that help in breaking down foods.
Inside the cow, digestive juices strip ant from parasite, and while the scene fades to black, life begins again, minus a few crazy ants.
Unfortunately, our strong digestive juices destroy most vaccines taken by mouth.
The intestines of the dog and cat are short, the stomach full of strong digestive juices and the teeth sharp for tearing.
This elevation may indicate an additional impact on dietary protein from the protein-enzymes of digestive juices, which after a loss of activity are denatured and degraded to amino acids.
Although baby and sleep may be unpredictable, try to eat at regular times; this way your body can anticipate meal times by starting its digestive juices going at the usual time.