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(Sony/Philips Digital InterFace) A serial interface for transferring digital audio from CD and DVD players to amplifiers and TVs. S/PDIF is typically used to transmit PCM and Dolby Digital 5.1, but is not tied to any sampling rate or audio standard.

S/PDIF uses unbalanced 75 ohm coaxial cable up to 10 meters with RCA connectors or optical fiber terminated with a TOSLINK (Toshiba link) connector. See AES/EBU and TOSLINK.

AES/EBU is the professional version of S/PDIF and uses a higher signal voltage. They both support the same audio data with slight differences in the frame bits. Conversion between these interfaces must be handled with electronic circuits, not by adapting one connector to another.

S/PDIF shares the same 75 ohm coaxial cable as its AES3id professional counterpart, but also has an optical alternative.

Electrical and Optical Sockets
On the back of this DVD deck are S/PDIF electrical and optical sockets. The RCA jack for the coaxial cable (left) is generally colored orange, but not in this particular unit. If the optical is not used, the stopper plug (at bottom) is inserted to block the laser.
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Simply connect the Hollywood Plus S/P DIF digital audio connector to a DTS-capable receiver/amplifier to enjoy the DTS soundtrack from compatible DVD videos.
CoolDVD also provides home theater entertainment to the Mac by providing output displays for S-Video or composite TV and a digital audio connector for Dolby Digital (AC-3), 5.
Some TVs with a DVI connection also may have digital audio connectors that require a digital audio cable -- a combination that offers superior picture and audio quality.
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