technology gap

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technology gap

(1) The difference between people who use computers and mobile devices on a daily basis and those who do not. Also known as the "digital divide" or "app gap." See creative destruction.

(2) The difference in technologies used and/or developed in two companies, countries, ethnic groups, etc., where one is more advanced than the other.

(3) The difference between current-day products and the technology on the drawing boards.
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In July, President Obama and Secretary Castro announced ConnectHome as one of several federal efforts designed to reduce digital inequality in schools and homes across the country.
Some topics discussed are privacy and self-disclosure online, digital inequality, and ethnographic scales for virtual worlds.
Austin Free-Net, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was established in 1995 to address digital inequality in the capitol city.
Digital inequality is further compounded as new technologies transform exponentially.
Contributors were asked to consider the 2010 book titled The Internet and Social Inequalities, by James Witte and Susan Manon--the idea being that this work, which applies the classical school of sociology to digital inequality in the US, could serve as an excellent starting point for further consideration of the same topic in other nations, setting the stage for comparative studies.
Kenner said, "It is our mission to end digital inequality by building communities' capacities to leverage technology to improve educational and economic opportunities - a pattern which affects social capital in both the physical and digital domains.

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