digital media

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digital media

(1) See social media.

(2) An umbrella term for all types of electronic data (text, databases, images, audio and video). Digital media may refer to the electronic devices that store the data (magnetic tapes and disks, solid state drives and flash drives) or to the communications methods that transmit the data, including email, text and instant messaging, text chat and video calling. See social media, multimedia, digital media hub, digital media server, magnetic disk, magnetic tape, optical disc and USB drive.

(3) The news from a TV network, newspaper or magazine that is published on a desktop or mobile website or on a blog.
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Perceptions of Course Adequacy Students on digital media courses in the northeast of England were asked about which methods of assessment were used during their course.
TI's digital media processor family of products are optimized for digital camera applications, leveraging .
Roxio Central gives users faster and easier access to all of their digital media applications and frequent tasks from one location through a sleek, interactive, and aesthetically pleasing interface," said Stan Wong, general manager, Roxio division of Sonic Solutions.
The programmability of the two digital media processors allows manufacturers to add new features and capabilities via software during the design cycle, or as an upgrade after the products are already in use.
Available immediately, Signiant's new Digital Media Distribution Management Suite lets users easily share, repurpose and move their digital files to more places in a shorter period of time.
Most recently, she founded two market research consultancies - Worldscape Strategies and PROBE the Market - which focused on the emerging digital convergence marketplace, including industries such as telecommunications, wireless, cable, satellite, and digital media, as well as mobile devices and content.
Cisco Digital Media Player: a small form-factor device that controls playback of the video, graphics and text on digital signage displays.
Orb gives our customers a secure industry leading product that allows them to control and consume their digital media from anywhere in the world.
Their roles focus on enabling media agencies to easily capitalize on the explosive growth of out-of-home digital media," said Peter Bowen, chief executive officer of SeeSaw Networks.
Access to digital media outside the home, plus the ability to manage content or schedule TV program recordings remotely with the AMD LIVE
com) is the leader in digital media software, providing a broad range of interoperable, platform-independent software tools and applications for creative professionals, business and home users, and technology partners.
Consumers are beginning to embrace various digital media extender technologies, enabling them to access their video or audio content from anywhere.

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