digital pen

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digital pen

(1) See stylus pen.

(2) An electronic ballpoint pen that digitizes, stores and transfers what is written or drawn to the computer. Instead of a mouse, a digital pen provides a very natural way to hand write and hand draw into the computer. In addition, since it stores everything internally, the data transfer to the computer via wireless or USB can be done at a later time. Digital pens may also include audio recording (see below).

Digital pens use a digital paper technology developed by the Swedish Anoto Group. For more on this, see Anoto.

A Natural Way to Write
In 2003, Logitech introduced the io digital pen, capable of storing 40 hand-written pages. In 2007, British-based Destiny Wireless acquired the product line. (Image courtesy of Logitech, Inc.)

Relive the Meeting or Lecture
Livescribe's Smartpens are also audio recorders so that students can capture the lectures with their notes. By pointing the Smartpen to their writing or drawings on the digital paper, they can play back the lecture they were listening to when they made those entries. (Image courtesy of Livescribe, Inc.,
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Anoto Group AB (STO: ANOT), a provider of digital writing and drawing solutions, announced on Friday that SMark Co Ltd (SMark), an existing partner of Anoto DNA (ADNA), has now become a distributor of Anoto digital pens with the submission of a substantial initial order for Anoto's newest pen.
It is hoped that this will help to bolster broad consumer demand for digital pen and ink as enabling tools for communication, expression, business, education and entertainment, covering various aspects of people's daily activities.
The WRS HS Digital Pen serves as a next-generation tool and application that makes the screening process easy and user-friendly to the patient.
as the only digital pen with the ultrasonic positioning system for iPad in the world, can serve as an ordinary pen to write and draw on paper, and, with a receiver attached on the paper, allows users to transform handwritten words and drawings into digital data stored in its microcomputer.
The digital pen technology facilitates the movement of captured customer data along with all supporting documents and photos thru secured lines to any Al Hilal branch.
Pen Generations will develop digital pens, components and other products based on Anoto's technology to be mainly sold via Anoto and TStudy.
The new venture, called Pen Generations Inc, will use Anoto technology to develop digital pens components and other products to be sold through Anoto and TStudy, the Swedish company said in a press release.
The geo-referenced PDF, or GeoPDF, document allows users to layer additional data onto the map, including photos, graphics and the data from the digital pen.
Over 28 federal agencies and numerous state and local governments are using Capturx to enable maps, forms, designs, and notes to be printed on ordinary paper, marked up with a digital pen, and then integrated directly into ESRI ArcGIS, Microsoft Office, and CAD applications.
Unique paper records what the digital pen writes and once the pen is docked, the data is transferred into EMR and practice management systems with one simple click.
The touch screen supports fingertip input capabilities and traditional pen-based input by detecting the presence of a digital pen or a user's fingertip.
Destiny, a provider of Digital Pen and Paper (DP&P) technology solutions, is to launch a location-aware digital pen and paper service that can locate mobile workers when they have completed a task and navigate them to their next job.