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Digital Foci, creator of Picture Porter Advanced, a portable digital picture management tool and high capacity storage device, has launched a campaign entitled, Picture Porter - Essential Digital Photo Manager, to raise $63,000 by December 14, 2013 (9:33 pm PST).
This solution involves embedding Epson printer drivers in Planetweb's Digital Photo Manager application to bring consumers unparalleled access to photo printing using only their DVD player, television and Epson printer.
Zoran's Vaddis V brings unprecedented power to the consumer DVD platform, enabling optimized performance with Planetweb's Internet and application software such as our Digital Photo Manager, Digital Audio Jukebox, Data-Streamer and instant messaging package," said Ken Soohoo, President and CEO of Planetweb.
com), a company revolutionizing the way life's events and memories are created, shared, and preserved, has signed a partnership agreement with Preclick, an award-winning photo software management company, to distribute aVinci's photo movie software along with Preclick's Walmart Digital Photo Manager software on millions of photo CD discs distributed by Walmart each year.
PhotoMovieMaker is the latest in Preclick's suite of add-on applications for HP Photosmart Essential, 3M Post-It(R) Photo Organizer, Wal-Mart Digital Photo Manager, and Preclick Gold Photo Organizer, an award-winning free download available from http://www.
These tools and services include protected email, automatic digital photo manager, address book, shared calendar, customized weather and news, safe web sites, a "Call Me Now" button, and filtering system to protect users from spam, scams and online predators.
Planetweb's Digital Photo Manager, an integral application on the SpectraWorks software platform, is available on Silicon Optix's Realta HQV(TM) fully programmable video processing engine.
Philips' new DVDR77 offers consumers the versatility of recording television programming, home movies, and images onto DVD with a Digital Photo Manager.
Planetweb is the only company offering a full suite of offline and online applications, including a digital photo manager, digital audio manager, DVD-ROM content viewer and an Internet communications package, which make consumer electronics devices more attractive to consumers.
which provides such applications as a digital photo manager, digital audio manager and DVD enhanced content viewer, will be able to offer OEM customers the added value of compliance with the USB standard to enable direct connectivity of DVD players with printers, digital cameras, MP3 players and other consumer electronics.
Bringing digital photo and audio features to the living room, the DVD-P721M includes both Planetweb's digital photo manager PWEasyPicture and digital audio manager PWEasyMusic.
Planetweb is licensing its Digital Photo Manager application to Apex on at least two models currently scheduled to ship in March of 2002.

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