digital TV transition

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digital TV transition

The switch from analog to digital broadcasting by all TV stations in the U.S., which occurred at midnight June 12, 2009. In 1998, DTV debuted in major U.S. cities, and the FCC mandated that broadcasters switch to digital by 2006. The deadline was extended twice until it finally went into effect.

TVs that pick up analog signals with an antenna no longer work unless a digital converter box is used (see TV converter box). For more about the digital standards, see DTV and 700 MHz spectrum.

Cable and Satellite Good Until 2012
Subscribers to cable and satellite TV services are not affected by the switch. They are closed systems that send analog signals to their customer's TV sets and will continue to do so until 2012 by order of the FCC.

Government Rebates
The U.S. government provided two $40 rebate coupons per household for purchasing converter boxes. The rebate ended on July 31, 2009.
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The agreement between BAZ and Eutelsat will accelerate digital transition of Zimbabwe's national broadcasting network that was initiated in 2011, and reflects the general move across Africa to a fully digital environment.
Bain & Company's new benchmark survey of 70 property/casualty and life insurers worldwide finds that many lack confidence in their ability to execute the digital transition.
Lowering the barrier for public school districts nationwide to make the digital transition to state-of-the-art technology, Microsoft Corp.
The Abu Dhabi Media Summit in particular acts as an excellent platform to address high-level, forthcoming trends that are influencing this digital transition and we are delighted to support the event once again.
The real challenge for the marketing and loyalty industries is to embrace the digital transition with both hands while showing enough restraint and respect for consumer's permissions and preferences," said Martin Hayward, Vice-President of Global Digital Strategy at Aimia.
To help in the digital transition, districts have free trial access to Discovery Education's Techbook series at www.
Richter, technical supervisor for Charter, helps explain the company's digital transition to senior citizens at the Lorraine Gleick Nordgren Senior Center.
He has some 27 years of experience in the communications industry and has held senior at CCK including director, licencing compliance and standards, and head of the secretariat for the digital transition committee.
Among the topics are using technology to provide competitive advantage in local tourism industries, evaluating corporate structure based on social network analysis, digital transition in Alaska, improving cognitive load on students with disabilities through software aids, and the European innovation activities and industrial competitiveness.
Stepping up the digital transition will enable the Group to achieve electronic issue volume of 50% in 2012 versus 34% at end-2010.
The digital transition affected 30 major TV markets in Canada, including cities with populations of over 300,000 residents.
We look forward to working with Svyaz to support Russia in its digital transition," said Richard Scott, senior vice-president, global sales and service at Harris Broadcast Communications.

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